X Pochi

CHF 4.50

This is the first of a long series of unconventional Beers that Birrificio Sottobisio is going to present time to time featured in a very special black bottle. X Pochi is an Ale beer in Imperial Stout style. The color is extreme black (you cannot see through it). The head is a persistent and creamy deep brown. The aroma is close to the Stout’s one but without the smoky note. It’s more rounded and it reminds cacao, liquorice, Passito wine and fireplace burned aromatic wood. To the palate you’ll get first coffee, tobacco and bitter cacao with very very soft ashy note, then the main hopping comes with its British hops which clean everything but leaving again the palate free to remind coffee and cacao.

Inhalt 33 cl
Alkoholgehalt 8.5 % vol. 
Stammwürze 19.0° Plato
Bittereinheiten 30 IBU
Brauerei Birrificio Sottobisio
Ort Balerna TI